Dr. Arica Weiss

Forensic Anthropologist

Arica Weiss
14 June 1971
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Hi, my name is Arica (Davidson) Weiss and I'm what most people call a forensic anthropologist. I work with law enforcement agencies to identify people as well as identifying what sorts of trauma bone has suffered. I run a mostly independent lab near UCLA and teach a class in forensics for the university.

I'm married to eric_weiss who works with the CIA and just recently transferred to CTU. I met him while working on a case for them in fact. We have two children, twins -- David and Liya [david_and_liya].

My parents and youngest sister live in Arizona, while my other sister and her husband live in Tennessee. I also have a brother, Cameron, who is considered to be a dangerous terrorist and criminal. He works closely with Sark. I've suffered quite a bit at both their hands.

Thankfully, I have a great support network and many friends who have saved me.

Arica got her Bachelors and Masters in Anthropology from Chico State; She got her PhD from University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She also speaks French, Cherokee and some Ukrainian.

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Fandom: Original Character (Alias)

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NOTE: This is a fictional profile created for the communities theatrical_muse and the drabble community I'm on... Please enjoy.